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If you live in Canada or the North Western part of the USA your teacher in Astrology and Self Development will be Phyllis Chubb

If you live outside this area click here.

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Learn astrology and at the same time learn about your relations, professional career and all other aspects of your life.
Receive prompt replies on all your assignments and questions.

This course of 10 lessons is on the basis of your own chart. Your personal Western astrological chart is added to the course material.

During the first lessons you will learn the basics of astrology and how to read your chart. In later lessons you will see how to gain information about your relationships and how to gain information about your profession.

You will finish the course by making an overall interpretation of your Western astrological chart.

Fee: Two terms of US Dollar 115 if the course can be sent over the internet as a Word file, two terms of US Dollar 155 if the course material has to be sent by regular mail. 

phyllischubb.jpg (14596 bytes)The study of astrology has always been my life's passion

I began serious study in the early 1970’s. Following the achievement of certification  under the tutelage of Elizabeth Tessier at the Institute of Astrological Studies in Toronto, Canada I went on to achieve two academic degrees. Both degrees are in the field of psychology (BA in Psychology and an MA in Human Relations) and were obtained at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby (Greater Vancouver), British Columbia, Canada.

I have also received an Associate of Arts awarded by the American Council of Vedic Astrology in Sedona, Arizona. The International Society of Astrological Research (ISAR), a degree granting organization conferred upon me the title, Certified Astrological Professional (CAP). Since 1999 I have had the privilege of association with Sanjay Rath, founder of the Sri Jagannath Center in Delhi, India where I have been named a Guru (teacher).

Over the years I have combined astrological and psychological knowledge in my counseling practice as well as teach, write and lecture internationally. The three major systems of astrology: Western, Vedic and Chinese each have powerful strengths providing extensive information to the recipient, however, the ‘remedies’ associated with each system rarely seem to be sufficient until the reader has had a shift in consciousness, allowing him or her to recognize their own power.

All sessions are recorded for future reference for my clients. As well as practicing I also have taught both astrology and counseling related courses at colleges and universities. I’m married, have one son, a fine daughter-in-law, two grand-children, 8 nieces and nephews, five grand-nieces, a dog and a cat. These last two are the real bosses. My favorite hobby is reading followed by sailing. I am a member of ACVA and ISAR.

Please contact Phyllis Chubb for questions and application about 
the Course Astrology and Self Development.

Mailing Address

Phyllis Chubb, 
RR#1, Site 190, C-3
155 Bayridge Place
Bowser, BC, V0R 1G0



+++(250) 757-9498





  Sample lesson about relationships (course 1)
Sample lesson about health (course 2)
Table of contents course 1
Table of contents course 2