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If you live in the North Eastern part of the USA your teacher in Astrology and Self Development will be Gary Gomes

If you live outside this area click here.

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Learn astrology and at the same time learn about your relations, professional career and all other aspects of your life.
Receive prompt replies on all your assignments and questions.

This course of 10 lessons is on the basis of your own chart. Your personal Western astrological chart is added to the course material.

During the first lessons you will learn the basics of astrology and how to read your chart. In later lessons you will see how to gain information about your relationships and how to gain information about your profession.

You will finish the course by making an overall interpretation of your Western astrological chart.

Fee: Two terms of US Dollar 115 if the course can be sent over the internet as a Word file, two terms of US Dollar 155 if the course material has to be sent by regular mail. 

Gary Gomes.jpg (19265 bytes)Gary Gomes, is a founding member and Board member of the American College of Vedic Astrology located in Sedona, Arizona.

In addition to being known as a Vedic Astrologer, Gary Gomes has studied both Western and Chinese astrology and Tarot. He received his Western astrology training as part of his training under Goswami Kriyananda of the Temple of Kriya's Yoga's Swami training program.

Gary has written on Western and Chinese astrology in a number of contexts and has lectured at several Western astrological associations. He is particularly interested in traditional western and Chinese astrology.

Gary is the co-owner of the metaphysical bookstore Crystalexpectations which is located at 854 Brock Avenue, New Bedford, MA 02744, USA. The telephone number is 508.990.7898.  

To apply: Email Gary Gomes at CrystalExpectations@comcast.net

and ask him for the application form.

Sample lesson about relationships (course 1)
Sample lesson about health (course 2)
Table of contents course 1
Table of contents course 2