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The fee for the Course Astrology and Self Development is two terms of $ 115. The course material will be sent through the internet.

The ordering process consists of two easy steps:

First step: address and birth information

Please write an email to roeland@dirah.org

In that email mention:

1. Your name.

2. The course you like to order:
which is the Course Astrology and Self Development I.

3. Your full address:
> Street, house number,
> Town of residence, postal or zip code,
> State in which you live, country in which you live.

4. Your birth data:
> Time of birth
> Day of birth (between 1 and 31)
> Month of birth, To prevent confusion please write the name of the month in full. For example not 3 but March.
> Year of birth
> Town of birth (in case it is a small town place mention the nearest city), state of birth, country of birth.

After your application is received you will receive an email confirming that.

Please wait till you receive my message that your application is received and accepted

Second step: payment

After your application is received and accepted you can choose between different payment methods for paying the first term.

The payment options are mentioned below.

The course material will be sent as a Word file when the payment is completed. 



Choose YES in the first box that appears.



You can also pay by making a bank transfer. However, make sure that you pay the costs of the bank transfer. Only in that case will  the amount that arrives at my account be the same as the amount that you should pay.

If you live within the European Community then most banks do not charge costs for money transfers to the Netherlands.  

These are the details about my bank account. The BIC of my bank and my personal IBAN are the most important data you need to make the transfer.

BIC (Bank Identifcation Code also called Swift code) of my bank: INGB NL2A.

My IBAN (International Bank Account Number): NL 19 INGB 0000 416584. 

The IBAN is on the name of:

Dirah Academie,
Brunostraat 64 B,
5042 JA Tilburg,
The Netherlands

Name of my bank:
ING bank BV
Foreign Operations
PO Box 1800
1000 BV Amsterdam
The Netherlands

If you would like to do a payment by bank please send an email first: roeland@dirah.org


It is possible to make a payment by sending a bankcheck.

To be able to cash international bankchecks I will have to make costs. Because of this you will have to pay an additional $ 15 for each bankcheck you send. If you like to order a course or more products at a time it is recommended to pay the full amount at once to cut down these costs.

Bankchecks should be written out on the name of Roeland M. de Looff and send by registered mail to
Roeland de Looff,
Brunostraat 64 B,
NL 5042 JA Tilburg,

If you would like to do this please send me an email first: roeland@dirah.org